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Due to fatigue and feelings of unrest I found my way to Indah. Because I felt very comfortable during the consultations with Indah, I went on a retreat to Greece with a small group of people. In beautiful surroundings, fantastic accommodation, healthy and delicious food, yoga and meditation, you are working in silence all week to get more in tune with yourself.
Using the peaceful and quiet landscape allows you to go back to your inner source and you address that part of your life you want to tackle that week. Step by step you go deeper into yourself and reach your own source. It gave me a rested and positive feeling. I returned home full of energy and creative ideas. I would join another retreat in a heartbeat. I recommend it to everyone.
Visiting Indah is a valuable gift to yourself.

Peggy, professional family parent


The retreat took me back to my self. It became clear how I got used to running away from myself. Indah, in a loving way, managed to address this sensitive issue. She quickly realized what was going on, and helped me to find my inner strength in a relaxed way.
I am a lot calmer now and know how to find ‘home’ within my own heart.



The greatest gift I took home from the Greece retreat is that I got to know the qualities of my soul. Something I can always remind myself of when I’m having a hard time.
I am grateful for Indah’s help and I extend my wish to all, in learning how to live from your heart!

Ellen, manager lunch café


The retreat was very profound and powerful. I stepped out of my comfort zone which, in turn, led to a major personal breakthrough. This experience is a permanent source of inspiration and (self) efficacy. Slowly, that which was set in motion in Greece, is starting to unfold: living who I am. The entire setting felt like Blessed and Self. The healing energy of Epidavros was palpable, for me especially in the sea. And Indah is a Star: attuned, crisp, persistent, loving and rock solid.



It was very nice in the retreat to get closer to my desire in a beautiful and nourishing place and to be able to take steps in making it tangible and concrete. It offers me a closeness to myself as well as to the people around me. Win-win.

Lilian, haptotherapist


I have been on an amazing retreat in Greece. Indah is honest, wise and determined. She is able to attune to each and every one individually and thus provide invaluable advice allowing everyone to get the best out of the retreat.

Ingeborg, hospice volunteer

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