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The secret of happiness lies in the knowledge of the self

What serves the soul, makes the heart happy and uplifts the mind


The consultations of Lotus Lifecoaching are designed for people who are searching for balance in body and mind, life and work from an inner perspective.

The goal is to really get to know yourself and to make new choices based on your true self. Your personal growth and development are central so that you become more and more aware of who you are and increasingly synchronize with who you truly are.

Personal coaching

Your desire to get to know and realize your own essence is the starting point of the coaching, and your query can be multi-faceted. Your question is always related to what is really going on in your life and how to gain insight into the themes that hinder you from being completely yourself and shaping the life you long for.

Coaching towards self-awareness and personal growth are therefore central elements of the consultations. This means that topics such as: where are you in your life and what is needed now, will be focal points. By tuning in to what is good and essential, instead of dealing with blockages, you will learn to shift your focus and develop a different perspective. You will receive clear insights and specific tailor-made guidelines in order to transform the complaint or question and develop a clear self-image.

In this way, every session increases consciousness with regard to body and mind and shows the mutual connections. From a higher state of consciousness life takes on a different perspective allowing for a deeper view of your life path and personal growth. You will learn to recognize existing patterns, to change your view, to resolve obstacles and to break through limiting thoughts and beliefs in order to determine your own path in life. You will increasingly listen to the whispers of your own soul and follow your inner wisdom from a deep inner knowledge. In this way you will learn how to live more in accordance with your destination and to shape your own authenticity.


In our innermost being, we search for happiness, for beauty, for harmony
Energetic treatment

The session is usually followed by a subtle energetic body treatment. In doing so, the body awareness is addressed and the underlying cause of the question or complaint can be identified in the body. The energetic ‘healing tools’ that are used then restore the balance and harmony in body and mind, and strengthen the connection with the heart.

Illness, stress, anxiety, negative feelings or thoughts, as well as past and present life events, accumulate in the body and cause energy blockages and physical complaints to arise. The treatment promotes the flow of body energy. This, in turn, allows for healing whereby obstructions and tensions that are stored in the body are released. This transformation restores the balance between head and heart, body and mind, strengthens new energy patterns and reinstates a positive sense of life.

In this way you reconnect with your inner strength and inspiration and feel a return of energy flow within your body and your life. This will boost your confidence and clarify the view on your life’s purpose. An inner freedom arises to shape your life and take on life’s challenges in connection with yourself and the world around you.

Reasons for a consultation

You can opt for a consultation:

  • for personal guidance and development
  • if you find yourself at a crossroads in your life
  • if you are faced with an important life choice
  • if you want to feel empowered
  • to break through existing patterns
  • to recognize your life theme
  • to get more out of life and work
  • to break through personal blockages
  • in the case of physical problems
  • in the event of a (near) burn out
  • in the case of depressive symptoms

Also, with all kinds of other questions.

For children

The energetic treatments are also extremely effective for children with sleep or concentration problems. After 3 treatments, they are usually free of complaints. I can also offer help to children with questions of a different nature.


For further information or to make an appointment, please contact:
Usually, you will receive an answer the same day.

In the fall of 2022 consultations are possible in:

– week 37: Monday, September 12 to Thursday, September 15
– week 38: Monday, September 19 to Wednesday, September 21
– week 46: Monday, November 14 to Thursday, November 17
– week 47: Monday, November 21 to Wednesday, November 23
– week 51: Monday, December 19 to Thursday, December 22

In the other weeks (with the exception of week 36 and 44) consultations take place via Zoom.

In addition, there is the unique offer of individual coaching in Assisi, Italy.
See the Coaching Assisi page.


Coaching Nijmegen:

  • € 85 for one hour
  • € 125 for one hour and a half

Via Zoom:

  • € 65 for 45 minutes
  • € 42,50 for half an hour

Lotus Lifecoaching is registered in the Central Register for Short Vocational Education (CRKBO).

For more information about reimbursements, see the contact page.


Individual consultations and coaching Nijmegen

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