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Terms and conditions


Lotus Lifecoaching is registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number: 09187358

Lotus Lifecoaching

Dr. Indah Courtens
Javastraat 104 A
6524 MJ Nijmegen
Telephone: 0031 – 6 – 362 16 149

These terms and conditions apply to all services of, and all verbal and written agreements with Lotus Lifecoaching.

Services include: all coaching, consultations, meditations (live, online and recorded), retreats and workshops offered by Lotus Lifecoaching.

Article 1 | Agreement

1.1: An agreement can be concluded both orally and in writing.

1.2: An agreement is concluded the moment of registration via the website or the submission of a registration form, or by confirmation in e-mail or telephone contact.

1.3: All information, which is indicated to be necessary for the execution of the agreement, must be provided to Lotus Lifecoaching in a timely manner.

1.4: Indah Courtens of Lotus Lifecoaching will carry out all agreements with heart and soul and share her knowledge, experience and tools to achieve the best result. However, this implies an obligation of effort for both parties to achieve the desired result.

1.5: Lotus Lifecoaching services are never intended as a replacement of a visit to a doctor or other medical specialist.

Article 2 | Engaging third parties

2.1: If and insofar as it benefits the implementation of the program, Lotus Lifecoaching will outsource certain activities to third parties. Think of a yoga teacher or Kirtan player during the retreats or workshop days.

2.2: Indah Courtens of Lotus Lifecoaching is at all times responsible for the content of the program.

Article 3 | Payment

3.1: All prices of the services of Lotus Lifecoaching are listed on the website:

3.2: Further agreements can be laid down in the agreement, such as costs: accommodation, meals, transport costs, visas and, if necessary, the involvement of third parties.

3.3: Payment of the coaching and consultations is made in cash or by means of a sent payment request. The payment term used for this is 48 hours. An invoice is available on request.

3.4: Payments of the workshops and online meditations (live or recorded) are made directly via the website by means of Ideal or credit card transfer. Confirmation of payment will be sent by e-mail.

3.5: Payment for the retreats is made by transfer to IBAN: NL13 INGB 000 922 66 20 in the name of Lotus Lifecoaching – I. Courtens.
An invoice is available on request.

3.6: Retreats require a deposit upon registration to ensure enrolment. The amount is stated both on the website and the registration form. The remaining amount must be received no later than 1 month before the start of the retreat.

Article 4 | Deregistration or cancellation

4.1: Cancellation of a coaching session should preferably be made at least 24 hours in advance. A new appointment is scheduled.

4.2: In case of “no show”, not showing up at the appointment, the consultation fee will be charged.

4.3: If a workshop is canceled for medical or other urgent reasons, the registration will be postponed to the next date.
If participation is impossible within 1 calendar year, the registration fee will be refunded.

4.4: In case of cancellation of a single meditation session (live or online), it shall be determined, by mutual agreement, whether participation is possible at a later date.

4.5: In case of unilateral cancellation of a complete (meditation) course after the first meeting, the payment obligation will continue to exist.

4.6: For retreats, participation can be canceled up to 8 weeks before the start, without payment obligations or with a refund of registration fees paid – minus 15% administration costs. From 8 weeks to 28 days before the start, 50% of the contribution is due. The full amount is due within 28 days prior to commencement.

Article 5 | Cancellation by Lotus Lifecoaching

If Lotus Lifecoaching is unable to perform its services due to force majeure and is therefore temporarily unable to meet its obligations, it may temporarily suspend its services. Force majeure is spoken of if there are circumstances beyond its control or of which it could not have been aware at the time of entering into the agreement, such as illness or a measure imposed by law. If fulfillment is permanently impossible, the agreement can be dissolved and a (partial) refund will be given on the non-compliant part, without entitlement to compensation as a result of any damage suffered as a result of the dissolution.

Article 6 | Liability

6.1: Lotus Lifecoaching is not liable for damage, injury or illness caused during its services or third parties contracted.

6.2: For all retreats, participants are required to get personal travel and cancellation insurance covering any damage to baggage and medical and repatriation costs, as well as cancellation of the trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

Article 7 | Use materials

7.1: The use of the information on this website is freely accessible to everyone as long as this information is not copied, distributed or used in any other way.

7.2: Without express written approval from Lotus Lifecoaching it is not allowed to use or share text, photo material, online (recorded) meditations or other materials on this website with third parties. The intellectual property rests with Lotus Lifecoaching.

Article 8 | Confidentiality

8.1: There is a confidentiality obligation of all confidential information that is shared individually or in groups during the coaching, consultations, meditations (live or online), retreats and workshops.

8.2: In accordance with the AVG Act, confidentiality shall not be maintained in the event of an emergency when Lotus Lifecoaching must provide information to the competent and designated authorities.

8.3: Lotus Lifecoaching attaches great importance to privacy and only uses personal data in the context of services rendered. Additional information about which data are processed by Lotus Lifecoaching and for what purpose can be found in the Privacy- and cookie statement.

Article 9 | Complaints

9.1: If there is dissatisfaction with the activities of Lotus Lifecoaching, this can be reported in writing within 7 days after the complaint occurred via:

9.2: After taking note, Indah Courtens of Lotus Lifecoaching will resolve the complaint as best as possible.

Lotus Lifecoaching

Dr. Indah Courtens  |  Javastraat 104 A, 6524 MJ Nijmegen, The Netherlands | Telephone: 0031 - 6 – 362 16 149 | E-mail: