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Retreat Assisi, Italy

Meditation and walking

The voice of the heart

from Friday, September 2 to Wednesday, September 7, 2022 fully booked


In this retreat we follow in the footsteps of St. Francis and Chiara of Assisi and experience that Assisi is the perfect place to hear the voice of your heart.

Assisi, in the green heart of Italy, radiates the atmosphere of St. Francis and Chiara of Assisi. Two people who shaped their lives from their innermost being and without any restraint. The inner desire that drove them and made them overcome obstacles is of all times. To this day, they are a source of inspiration worldwide. Assisi is a place of healing.

St. Francis and Chiara of Assisi

St. Francis showed an enormous love for people and nature with an appearance that touched the hearts of all who came into contact with him. His words awakened people and taught them to tune into their own hearts in daily life.

St. Francis (1181 – 1226) was the son of a cloth merchant and spent his childhood in Assisi. As a young man, he fought in the war against the neighboring state of Perugia. He was imprisoned, repented and turned his life around. St. Francis had strong revelations regarding who he was and what his true path in life was. As a result, he could no longer live in a community of fear and illusion and listened to the voice of his heart. This turnaround took him into the fields outside the city, free and confident to go his own way. He chose a completely selfless life.

St. Francis found a place in the valley, the Porziuncola (literally: tiny area) where he meditated and soon got followers. From this place he walked into the fields, up Mount Subasio to the caves where he could be in silence.

St. Chiara (1195 – 1253), daughter of a noble family in Assisi, was inspired by the life of St. Francis from an early age. She was deeply moved by St. Francis, who voiced with passion and great enthusiasm what life was all about: neither power nor possession, but following the voice of your heart. Chiara broke her chains and followed the way of St. Francis. She developed an enormous inner strength to follow her own path. For forty years she stayed with a small group of like-minded people such as her sister Agnes and later her mother in the monastery of San Damiano just outside Assisi. She became the confidant of St. Francis and was renowned for her healing powers.


Go quickly and tread lightly.
Go safe, happy, cheerful and alert
the path that leads you to intense happiness.
                       St. Chiara of Assisi


The sanctuary of St. Chiara as well as the Porziuncola and the tomb of St. Francis have been preserved and each have their own and above all unique energy.

Meditating and walking in the fields of the Assisi area

We will experience a sense of being lifted by the energy of this region, enabling us to take it to the depths within ourselves. We shall explore the beautiful valley around Assisi and cross the sacred Subiaso mountain, meditate in tranquil sanctuaries and work with specific individual assignments to listen to the voice of our own heart. We will discover that all sanctuaries and nature sites have an age-old tradition of healing and devotion. In this atmosphere, St. Francis cared for the sick, and while walking shared his ideals and acted in accordance.

By way of experiencing the pure energy of the sanctuaries of St. Francis and Chiara, by meditating, doing awareness exercises and walking in the vast valley and over Mount Subasio, you feel once again what is really needed to live and create from the heart. It is a path to inspiration, to release, open and listen to the voice of the heart. St. Francis and Chiara of Assisi are great examples of souls who have gone a spiritual path and who have manifested their own lives from within through fears and doubts. This was a path of joy and healing.

Our accommodation

We will be accommodated in a Monastery Stay, the magnificent hospitable monastery Casa Papa Giovanni in the historic center of Assisi. We set out from there every morning.

We start the day with meditation on the amazing roof terrace, or (depending on the weather) in the distinctive monastery library. We conclude the day with a short evening meditation in the silence of the monastery chapel.

We all have a bright single room with shower and toilet. The roof terrace offers a fantastic view over the city and the valley. In the afternoon you can relax here or work on your personal assignments.

Your stay at Casa Papa Giovanni is on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner). During breakfast you can make your own packed lunch that you will usually eat en route.

The Assisi retreat is a profound spiritual experience for an inner journey to the voice of your heart
The retreat offers:
  • a set rhythm of meditation, silence, rest and relaxation
  • daily walks through the lovely and mystical landscape in the Assisi region
  • meditation in the sanctuaries of St. Francis and Chiara
  • a program focused on personal development
  • individual coaching sessions
  • unique accommodation in a Monastery Stay, including private room with shower and toilet, overlooking the valley
The retreat provides:
  • attunement to your own heart
  • a deeper contact with your true self
  • increased awareness about and insight into your life questions and themes
  • a deeper connection with your inner knowledge
  • an inner transformation that leads to:
    * more joy and lightness in your life
    * more confidence in your life path
    * renewed inspiration in life and work
    * increased relaxation of body and mind
    * more energy

We will fly to Rome together, where we are met by our taxi driver Giovanni who will take us to Assisi. The transport back to Rome is also provided by Giovanni.


The costs for this retreat including the full program, coaching, meditations, accommodation in a single room based on half board, and transfer to and from Rome airport: € 1070.

Not included is the cost of the flight to Rome v.v.

In order to ensure your enrolment, I request a deposit upon registration of € 270.
Please transfer the remaining € 800 before August 15, 2022.

For further questions, registration and the registration form, please contact:

If you have not yet attended a consultation, retreat or course(day) at Lotus Lifecoaching you are invited to a consultation prior to the retreat. This enables me to properly respond to your wishes and learning opportunities during the retreat. Costs: € 85.


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