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The stillness of the Sinai

Impressions Sinai desert Retreat in words and images

The retreat in the Sinai desert was an amazing atmospheric experience, a wonderful journey through the landscape, the starry sky and myself. Indah’s guidance has taken me deep within myself and has shown me new insights, enabling me to take the next step in life full of energy and increased awareness.

Julia, entrepreneur

I started out on this desert retreat with a specific purpose in mind. The greatness, vastness, silence and tranquility of the desert made me really get to my core this time, where I have felt stuck for years. Suddenly the purpose no longer mattered, the insights and all that I left behind infinitely more. For me this was an unforgettable week with great insights and above all filled with humor.

Hans, sales manager

The retreat was a kind of ‘reset’ button for me. The space and emptiness of the desert naturally resonated with the space and emptiness within myself. From there I found new points of departure to continue with when I returned home.

Marjoke, visual artist

I thoroughly enjoyed the desert retreat (the beauty, emptiness and silence, sleeping under the starry sky, being together), but above all the feeling of freedom I experienced. Light and effortless, without any barriers … that’s how life can be. I carry that with me.
Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring guidance Indah!


For years and years, I have set myself aside. Claiming some ‘me-time’ and telling my family that I wanted to go on this journey was the start of a profound and personal process. The fantastic walks in the desert, the mighty meditation in the Pyramid of Cheops and Indah’s very professional guidance have left a deep impression. This retreat has brought me back in contact with myself and my enormous life energy. An experience that I will benefit from for the rest of my life!

Giselle, therapist

Seven days in the splendor of the Sinai desert gave me something that I would not have dared to ask for beforehand. Sincere energy and love for myself and others and insights into what I can let go of in my future life.

Willem, team leader

For me it was a beautiful, intense and transforming experience. The well-organized journey led by Indah made it possible for me to relax and go deeper into of myself. There was always sufficient water and food, I didn’t have to worry about anything. This gave me so much space and the confidence to just be present. The Sinai, its landscape and colors, is truly a special place to be and discover on foot.


The overwhelming beauty and silence of the desert brings you back to your core and inner self. This and the impressive meditation in the Pyramid of Cheops have continued to empower me.

Esther, ritual counselor

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