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Impressions White desert Retreat in words and images

There are not many people in this world, I think, who have seen and experienced such beauty. There are no words to describe the beautiful White desert. Everything was perfectly arranged down to the last detail. It felt completely safe and familiar. Thanks to this retreat and the coaching of Indah, I am back to my inner core and my qualities. I feel firm, powerful, strong, loving, soft, elegant, grandiose, comfortable, proud, pure …
Indah, thank you again for an unforgettable experience that has given me so much beauty.


The retreat in the White desert, full of beautiful colors and shapes, took me deep inside. I have fully experienced my authenticity in the beauty of the walks, the magical sleeping places and the loving guidance of Indah.


Giving words to the White desert retreat … How do you do that?
Fairytale like, beauty, softness, firmness, gratitude, nurturing, deepening …
I enjoyed the walks, the environment, being together, sleeping under the starry sky, the more than good care and the delicious food …
The loving guidance of Indah which brought me a step closer to myself.


Beauty and wealth in simplicity, everything is so pure. Everything is more beautiful in the desert, the sunrise with its many colors, the starry sky you can’t get enough of. A unique journey.
I have learned to feel again who I really am, what my strength is and how I can stand in it and for it.


The white desert, a week in which silence and space were abundant … In one word ‘enchanting’. One with nature, sleeping under the (falling) stars and eating delicious food every day. Being carried by camels was magical. Everything that no longer matters fell away. The space and silence allowed me to reach my essence. Extremely grateful that Indah was able to guide me to experience my light. The place where everything is possible. The whole week has touched me deeply.


Away from civilization, deep into the desert.
For me personally, a great lesson in letting go of control – surrendering myself to the desert. Every day one step closer to my core in an oasis of silence. Who am I when I step into the void?
The White desert provided a safe, light bed to discover this. I was allowed to receive wise lessons in this magical, colorful landscape that brought me into a completely different world and state. With the highlight being able to experience my greatness in the pyramid of Cheops.
I have felt intensely and enjoyed it. Deeply grateful for Indah who let her golden light shine over us, our trusted guide Hamada, and the gentle care of the Bedouins … Shukran.


During this retreat, I experienced intense freedom in the vastness of the desert. Letting go of all the everyday, even sleeping in the open air, has brought me much peace and confidence. In this freedom and tranquility, I have come much closer to myself, and I have felt more than ever that I can take this home with me. I will never forget how happy and how comfortable I felt, without even being able to take a shower… I am grateful every day that I dared this adventure!


The desert brought me not only literally ‘back to basics’, but also fundamentally to the core. After five days without a shower and sleeping on the sand, I felt cleaner and more spacious than ever. The lovely, poetic landscape, the warm emptiness and the soft colors resonated with my deepest being: and now I have returned home, this continues for a long time.


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