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Heavenly Bali

Impressions Bali Retreat in words and images

The Bali retreat has made me experience what it is like to live from the heart: effortless, inspired, loving and with so much joy and energy. This experience came simultaneously with many new insights and a deeper awareness. In her retreat program, Indah makes full use of the energy, culture and spirituality of Bali and does so in loving tune with the needs of the group at each moment. I have been fortunate to travel to Bali before, but only this time, during the retreat, I have become aware, due to Indah’s guidance, that Bali truly is an island of the gods. I now carry with me the power of this paradise and the memory of it.

Emelia, communications advisor

A magnetic inward journey and an incredibly beautiful stay in Bali. Indah has let the culture and depth of Bali flow through me intensely during the retreat, linked to my personal development. In all love, purity and beauty I have left a lot behind and I have been able to take beautiful new steps in life. I experience an incredible amount of freedom and new possibilities that open up after this trip.

J. Mulder, entrepreneur

There are no words to describe this journey… it was perfect. Thank you for the wonderful retreat. I enjoyed all of it and I am impressed how Indah put it all together, her light, her support, her words. It has left me inspired and confident to feel that more becomes visible as I listen to the whispers of my heart.

Fieke M.

An experience for life. Listening to your heart, more powerful and deeper with each passing day. For me it was an intense experience to reach so deeply inside, for the very first time.  It has led to letting go, making real contact and gaining new insights. From swimming against the current to letting it flow effortlessly. A deep gratitude for Indah’s powerful and knowledgeable guidance. And all of this in a stunning place where we were completely pampered and cared for. Indah had thought through it all in great detail. This immediately made me feel safe and enabled me to go deep within myself. And how grateful I am giving myself this retreat as a present to myself.

Angela van Veen, integral supervisor

A week in ‘the jungle’, where Balinese rituals take over. In which you completely surrender yourself to the powerful gods. There is no other way than to let yourself ride the flow of Indah’s enchanting insights and coaching. She feels exactly what the group needs and shows you the way to your inner knowledge. Every day offers a new surprise with activities where you become immersed in Balinese culture. After this week you will feel empowered once again and enabled to tread further along your life path. Indah guided me significantly, giving me the opportunity to reach a new spiritual level, thus receiving a long-awaited answer to my soul’s mission. Words of gratitude fail me …


When Indah told me she was going to organize a retreat week in Bali, I actually told her ‘yes’ on the spot. The reason for me to join was twofold. I was very curious about the mystical side of Bali, the energy present and a completely different culture. The second reason, actually the most important, is that I hoped to find more inner depth. Of all that Bali brought me, the latter was my personal gift/Bali brought me that in particular. The beautiful rituals, the temples, the smell, the sounds and the tranquility of the tropics, all this together made it an unforgettable journey … not only to Bali, but especially a journey through myself.


I had been harboring this strong desire to travel to Bali for such a long time. I wanted to get acquainted with the mystical soul of Bali and I knew that no one could guide me better than the very knowledgeable Indah. I’ve been on retreats before but Bali is truly magical! You see, smell, hear and feel the Balinese culture in every pore of your body. The retreat program brought me into contact with my higher Self who knew exactly what I wanted to leave behind, what I want to open my heart to and where I want to go in the future. I also liked the day’s rhythm, the stay in a beautiful retreat in a densely forested jungle location, the loving group of people, everything about the week … I loved it! A very special experience!

Anela, personal leadership coach

Indah tuned into me so very well. Bali was a homecoming for me while I had never been there before. Indah guided me expertly during this experience and sensed exactly what I needed: the free soul to enjoy life. The culture, the rituals and the country have been a great revelation to me. Many thanks Indah for this beautiful retreat.


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