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Individual coaching Assisi

A personal retreat in the light of St. Francis and Chiara of Assisi

All colors of the soul – the sanctuary of your heart


Assisi, in the green heart of Italy, is the setting for the new individual coaching weeks of Lotus Lifecoaching. Assisi is a place of healing and it breathes the atmosphere of St. Francis and Chiara of Assisi, two souls willing to follow the path of their heart and soul. Devoid of hesitation, they shaped their lives beyond fears and emotions, insecurities and doubt. The inner longing that drove them and made them overcome obstacles has been an ongoing source of inspiration worldwide.

Your desire to follow your heart and soul, to know and explore your own essence, is the starting point of this personal journey. Who are you in your innermost being and in what way do you want to shape your life? These are questions that pave the way to your inner source – the sanctuary of your heart – the place of unconditional love for yourself and your path in life, the place that makes all the colors of your soul shine.

What serves the soul, makes the heart happy and uplifts the mind


You will explore your own questions by making contact with the spiritual tradition of St. Francis and Chiara of Assisi. You will follow an intensive program of personal coaching and a fixed rhythm of exercise (walking) and peace and quiet (inward focus through meditation and awareness assignments) tailored to your soul’s desire and path.


The lovely landscape surrounding Assisi, the wide views,
the silence in the fields and the healing energy of the sanctuaries make the heart infinite and the mind still.
Program and coaching

We will stroll through the fields of the Assisi region and meditate in the sanctuaries of St. Francis and Chiara, all of which have been preserved and each of which have their own specific healing energy. You will experience a sense of being lifted by the energy of this region, enabling you to take it to the depths within yourself. Then things can reveal themselves. Expect a clearer insight in important themes in your life, and away from your familiar environment, you become detached from old patterns. By way of intensive coaching and targeted assignments you become more connected with your true self. You will re-experience what is truly needed to live and work from your heart and how to face every change in your life from an inner perspective. It supports you tuning into your own heart and in finding a deeper confidence in your own life path and inner guidance.

The individual coaching weeks are a unique concept and offer a multifaceted combination of meditation, walking, intensive coaching, awareness assignments, silence, rest and relaxation, all interacting intensely and tailored to your personal growth and development. It is an inner journey towards a newfound consciousness.

Your accommodation

You will be accommodated in a Monastery Stay, the magnificent hospitable monastery Casa Papa Giovanni in the historic center of Assisi. We set out from there every morning.

We start the day with meditation on the amazing roof terrace, or (depending on the weather) in the distinctive monastery library. We conclude the day with a short evening meditation in the silence of the monastery chapel.

You will stay in a bright single room with shower and toilet. The roof terrace offers a fantastic view over the city and the valley. In the afternoon you can relax here or work on your personal assignments.

Your stay at Casa Papa Giovanni is on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner). During breakfast you can make your own packed lunch that you will usually eat en route.

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The individual coaching in Assisi consists of 3 or 5 days and is a personal retreat for everyone who wants to tune into their own heart and longs for a deeper contact with their true self.

It offers a new opportunity next to the coaching in Nijmegen. Together with me, you are those 3 or 5 days in Assisi during which you invest in your personal path of inner growth.

Thanks to the intensive coaching and the entire program you will experience a transformation that leads to the development of an inner strength to find your true way in life and to experience the light and freedom of your heart.

A personal retreat is an individual coaching week. You choose your own days (in consultation) whenever it suits you.


The costs for this individual retreat including the full program, intensive coaching, meditations, accommodation based on half board and a single room: for 3 days € 975 and for 5 days € 1575.

Not included are the costs of the journey to Assisi v.v.
There are several ways to reach Assisi.

By plane:
– The nearest airport to Assisi is Perugia (PEG), 29 km. From there a regular bus runs to Assisi bus station.
– Other nearby airports include Ancona (AOI), 132 km; Rome Ciampino (CIA), 141 km and Rome Fiumicino (FCO), 145 km; Florence (FLR), 175 km and Pisa (PSA), 273 km. From these cities Assisi can be easily reached by train, bus or (rental) car. A beautiful trip through mostly rolling green landscapes and past charming villages.

By train:
– By (ICE) via Germany – Switzerland – Milan – Perugia – Assisi, a 16 hour journey arriving in Assisi at 11 pm.
See for more options the Rail Planner app.


This retreat is also especially developed:
  • for people who are unable to attend at times when one of the group retreats is scheduled.
  • and for people who want time for themselves to be inspired and work on a project for a number of days. A personal retreat gives this opportunity in a unique location where nature, spirituality, tranquility and culture are intertwined.
    In the afternoon there is time and space to work on your personal project and discuss it together.

An individual retreat is also possible if you would like to come with two people or in a small group. Reservations on request.

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