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The coaching (in Nijmegen) has taught me to reflect on what life brings me, to clean up what is no longer needed and to feel again and again what the next step is. Indah is able to anchor this new consciousness in my body allowing me to act from my heart.

M.P. visual artist


Indah has given me back my joy of life, and taught me that I can and may think for myself. She continues to help me with this process. The energetic treatments clear up the debris of the past, making me feel much lighter and offering more room for happiness and pleasure. And all this without complicated diagnostics or lengthy conversations. With Indah you learn how to feel and listen to yourself again.

Merel, nurse


Indah helped me to create more space in my life for who I really am, to be able to truly live from my heart. The first session instantly gave me some strong insights. Within a year my life has changed completely and I now live a life that fits in much better with who I truly am. During the sessions she made me realize what did not fit me anymore, where I held back or limited my heart and most importantly: she taught me to listen to my heart.

Ellen, manager lunch café


From my first consultation onwards with Indah I have felt at ease. I noticed that she really sensed who I am and where my needs are. I think it’s amazing how she lets me find out for myself, at my own pace. She helps me to admit to myself what I really need and how to make the corresponding choices.

Maria, illustrator & designer


Indah has been a sensitive coach, someone who asks the right questions, and who has repeatedly brought me back to myself in a respectful and honest way, as well as shown me how I can best take care of myself. The subtle energetic treatment afterwards provided a deep relaxation time and again, whereby everything interconnected, making me feel like coming home.
Thank you Indah, for your loving support, just when I needed it most!

Karin, personal coach


Indah is able, also because of her deep inner knowledge, to quickly understand and put into perspective any problems (dogmas, assumptions, twists of thoughts, own interpretations of things that are not going well) so that a bright light shines and truths are revealed. Time and time again, every session, and lasting forever.

Jan, mechanical design engineer


Persistent fatigue symptoms following an operation brought me to Indah’s doorstep. She instantly saw the (rational) fight in which I was involved with myself. Thanks to her sympathetic ear and in-depth reflections, my soft core became tangible again and I felt peace.
Now that my life has reached the transition from work to ‘wisdom’, I was looking for a way to enrich others with my new felt knowledge, insights and experience. Indah brings this process a step closer. She brings me back into harmony with myself, making the combined effect of humor and pleasant, meaningful, ageing in wisdom accessible.



Indah is there for me. She goes straight to my core. Lovingly, with light and respect. She attunes to my very essence and always takes me to my heart and light. With clarity, firmness/strength, gentleness, care, support, patience, humor. Just what is needed at that exact moment.
She offers me new insights and views, enlightening, sometimes very surprising. She teaches me to feel more from my heart instead of thinking with my mind. She keeps me on track on my path.
Gradually I have landed more and more in my body and in my heart and my life started to flow again. It has become much lighter and softer within me and I now sense a greater inner peace. I am gradually coming home in my own inner strength.



Thank you for what your coaching has given me. Thank you for what your treatment have brought me. They add a lot to my life and make sure that I can go home feeling well.



I was left with feelings of stress and anxiety, and decided to enroll in a meditation course with Indah. I enjoyed it so much that I also wanted to join a retreat. In preparation for this, I had my very first consultation. In the meantime, I have been receiving regular coaching from Indah for the past 1.5 years. It offers me personal guidance and provides major support in daily life, with every conceivable defining moment, and it allows me to get to know myself better. Thanks to the consultations, I am able to be more and more myself, and I feel calmer and stronger every day.

Elly, PhD student


Indah provides intensive professional guidance. Conversations with her brought peace and gave me tools to continue and handle the challenges of everyday life. Especially the body treatments gave me a strong centered feeling which makes me feel rebalanced.

Peggy, professional family parent


Indah helps me break the circle of personal blockages and recurring patterns. She does so in a very involved and respectful way. Conversations with Indah help me to return to my heart, instead of getting caught up in ‘unhelpful’ thoughts. It is a form of coaching that extends beyond regular counseling and therefore touches the core every time. This is the result of a combination of in-depth conversations and energetic treatments.

Gaby, pedagogical assistant


My personal experience with Indah’s consultations is very good. She is sensitive, honest, spiritual and grounded. Indah excels at looking beyond words and emotions. It empowers you in a loving manner!



I find the combination of conversation and treatment very supportive. There are no limits to what is possible in a consultation. Indah manages to put issues in a concrete perspective that I continue to put to good use. It truly feels like a gift to leave much more at ease and attuned to my heart than when I came in.

Lilian, haptotherapist


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