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Retreat Sinai desert

Meditation, yoga and walking

The stillness of the Sinai

In 2022 the desert retreat will take place in the White desert

In this special 8-day retreat in the Egyptian Sinai desert, we journey to our deepest self – the core of our heart, by going deep into the desert.


Walking in the silence of the desert offers the space for an inner journey to a newfound consciousness. By experiencing the immense grandeur and space around you, you will gain insight into important life themes and can let go of fixed patterns. Via specific individual assignments, you then learn to shift your focus and develop a different perspective. You will come into a deeper contact with your true self, through which you experience your own greatness – the greatness of your heart – more and more.


During this 8-day retreat we will travel 5 days deep into the desert. We walk guided by Egyptian Bedouins and have the unique opportunity to experience their living environment and cultural customs and traditions up close.

The Bedouins will lead us to our next campsite day by day. There they will set up camp by way of the large, original Bedouin tent which is our home for the night. We also have the rare opportunity to sleep outside under the magnificent starry sky. Our luggage is transported by jeeps allowing us to walk with only a small backpack. The camels will transport our water and, should you get tired, the camels will also carry you.

Each day has its own theme and route and offers a balanced rhythm of movement and rest in order to best reach the silence of your thoughts and the core of your heart.

Sleeping under the starry sky and meditating on Mount Sinai

We will start the day with yoga and meditation and get ourselves ready for the trip. After breakfast, we set off. During the walks we will mostly be in silence. In the afternoon, after lunch, there is time for rest and relaxation, we do an awareness exercise and there is room for sharing experiences. We then continue on our way to our next campsite. We will end the day around a campfire with a traditional Bedouin meal and a short evening meditation.

Our walks take us through the stunning desert landscape towards the Sinai mountains and we will climb the 2285-meter-high Mount Sinai where, it is said, Moses received the Ten Commandments. On top of this sacred mountain a spectacular sunset view awaits us and we internalize the silence, space and vastness with a deep meditation exercise.

This retreat in the Sinai desert offers a unique inner experience for a special journey to the greatness of your heart


The retreat offers:
  • a set rhythm of yoga, meditation, silence, rest and relaxation
  • 5 days of walking, deep into the desert under the guidance of Egyptian Bedouins
  • a program focused on personal development
  • individual coaching sessions
  • sleeping under the starry sky
  • meditation on top of Mount Sinai, the mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments
The retreat provides:
  • a deeper contact with your true self
  • increased awareness about and letting go of fixed patterns
  • insight into your life questions and themes
  • an inner transformation that leads to:
    * clarity about how you want to continue in your life
    * more self-confidence in your own inner guidance
    * more joy from and attunement to your own heart
    * renewed inspiration in life and work
    * increased relaxation of body and mind

Day 1 and days 7 and 8 of this retreat are (partially) travel days. On day 1 we will fly together to Sharm el Sheikh (transfer in Cairo), where we will spend the night in a hotel. On day 2 we journey into the desert for 5 whole days. Halfway through day 7 we will travel back to Sharm el Sheikh (via Dahab) to slowly make the transition to civilization. On day 8 we will fly back to the Netherlands.

There is also the option to bring your own small tent for the overnight stays in the desert.


The costs for this retreat including the full program, coaching, meditations and yoga, accommodation (in hotel and Bedouin tent), full board, local guide and Bedouin team, camels, tips and local transport: € 1290.

Not included are the costs of the flight to Sharm el Sheikh v.v. and the entry visa (€ 25).

In order to ensure your enrolment, I request a deposit upon registration of € 290.
Please transfer the remaining € 1000 before October 1, 2020.

For further questions, registration and the registration form, please contact:

If you have not yet attended a consultation, retreat or course(day) at Lotus Lifecoaching you are invited to a consultation prior to the retreat. This enables me to properly respond to your wishes and learning opportunities during the retreat. Costs: € 85.


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