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The wisdom of the heart

A retreat without overnight stay

A day of meditation, contemplation, inner focus and reflection


What is it like to live from the wisdom of your heart. To listen to the answers that lie embedded within your heart. To address the intelligence of your own heart and to live and act from this inner consciousness.

On this dynamic course day, we bridge the gap between Eastern consciousness, focused on meditation and contemplation, and Western consciousness in which connecting to and getting to know yourself truly are central.

The answer to each and every essential question is constantly heard in one’s own heart


We do meditation exercises in which you go deep inside, to your own self that can be felt in your heart. You learn to become silent in order to perceive purely that which is present in your heart. When you connect with that deep source of knowledge that lies enclosed in your heart, you can express it more and more. You will receive specific tools to transform limiting thoughts, existing patterns and beliefs and to live more in accordance with your own destination.

The awareness exercises and exercises for spiritual growth are attuned to your own personal development.
Weather conditions allowing, we will find silence in nature with a meditative walk.

The meditation day takes place in Anahata – Center for Yoga and Meditation
Van Trieststraat 14
6512 CX Nijmegen

Dates: Sunday, May 15 and Saturday, November 19, 2022 from 11 am to 4 pm.

Rates: € 70
The program includes a break and there is an opportunity to enjoy your own packed lunch. Tea and snacks will be provided.

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The wisdom of the heart

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