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Impressions Rieti valley Retreat in words and images

The retreat in the beautiful Rieti valley is indescribably beautiful. Walking the Cammino di San Francesco opened my heart even further and the wholeness and unity that is then felt, with the last hike to the top of the sacred mountain Terminillo, brought me thanks to Indah to a place of serenity, peace, love and light.
During this retreat you will be part of Felice and Franca’s warm family in Contigliano and you feel this love with every step you take in and around their home.


Many thanks for the wonderful retreat. I enjoyed everything! But in particular the carefully mapped out route to the spiritual, historical places and natural monuments on each walking tour. Every day the right intentions and guidance, appropriate to everyone’s inner needs. The insights and a deep sense of coming home have given me strength.


“Surrender is letting go of the destination, there is always a next step”. This sentence from my diary touches me deeply when I read it back.
In this retreat I learned to connect deeply with my inner core. From there I can take a step, this does not have to be grand and compelling. I can rely on my inner light and wisdom, they know the way. I received these life lessons, walking in the energy of St. Francis – on his paths, in the beautiful valley of Rieti. Deeply grateful for the way Indah, in her light, taught me to awe my heart, to honor it.
Also grateful to Felice, Franca and Silvia, where we stayed, who welcomed us into their family. Where you could taste the love and warmth in the deliciously prepared meals … buonissimo!
I thoroughly enjoyed it. Namaste!


This special journey has brought me a lot: insights into and working on patterns and stuck emotions and connection with the heart. It feels as if a personal development has taken place in 5 days, which otherwise takes a whole year. Indah gave good, personal guidance. I enjoyed the walks in the beautiful nature, the warmth of the group, the delicious dinners and the silence. Recommended.


The paths we walked in Rieti together with Indah were full of love, beauty and wisdom. This retreat has brought me all the way back into my heart and showed me what really matters. Indah’s guidance, the beautiful mountain scenery, the pilgrim trails, the loving home where we stayed, touched me deeply and gave me many new insights.


The retreat in Rieti has brought me closer to myself. Walking on the beautiful paths of the Cammino di Francesco, with all its special places, under the guidance of Indah literally brought the light inside. Also, the love of Franca and Felice, with which they run the B&B, gave me all the peace and opportunity to feel my own light. Happy days to keep remembering that you can shine from your light.


It was a special week in which I took important steps in the journey of discovery to my deeper self and to my real needs. All this in a safe, warm environment created by Indah. The family of B&B Il Girasole where we stayed also radiated love and warmth.


During the retreat in Reiti, I saw my lessons in a safe, warm way, but also saw my strengths. I enjoyed and learned from the walks, the peace, the space, the environment and the warmth of the group. Because of this but especially by Indah I felt safe, guided, sure, supported and strengthened in the way I was figuring out myself. The retreat has given me peace and lightness in my body and mind, which I still enjoy every day. I know better now and I have learned to trust better.


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