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Individual coaching Assisi – a personal retreat


Indah’s individual coaching in Assisi has brought everything to light for me. Everything I needed to let go of old patterns and live in full joy and love from my heart. With all the love and attention, Indah has taken me step by step. The varied program, the beautiful walks and the environment full of beauty and meaning, have all contributed to a deepening in my life, which gives me joyful energy every day.



I started the individual retreat from the realization that I was at a crossroads in my life. I wanted to find and name a clear course again. Walking, meditating and talking intensively with Indah for five days taught me that that path will show itself if you dare to trust your inner strength and wisdom: to stand in your light, as Indah puts it. It was a wonderful journey of discovery, in which the top places, the shrines in Assisi, proved to be signposts and Indah my loving, highly skilled spiritual guide.



Indah made me literally and figuratively walk the path of St. Francis. The beautiful walks in combination with meditations and personal assignments have made a deep impression on me. In addition, Indah is a true storyteller; she revives the history which is tangible everywhere in and around Assisi.



I did this retreat together with my very good friend Henny.
Indah had made a tailored program for us, which we could follow at our own pace and intensity of walking.
It felt very luxurious, so much personal attention and coaching. Especially the coaching in the moment was very valuable for me, to be able to indicate what was happening or going on at that moment. In this way, I became even more aware of my own thinking, acting and feelings.
I felt carried by the special energy of Assisi with its shrines, the monastery and the focused attention of Indah. I also enjoyed the really beautiful nature of the area at that time. The fields of poppies and the many wild flowers in the olive groves; the end of April is recommended.
Filled with new energy, insights and gratitude we returned home.
Indah, thanks again for the special and wonderful time.



Assisi is in my heart. Every day I think back to this place, this 1-on-1 retreat, which has brought me so much. A deepening like never before. A click, a true shift, a different person, or rather … feeling and experiencing my true self. Indah invited me to explore my deeper layers, bring them to the surface and thereby letting go of old patterns and forging new paths. She does this with a genuine urgency because she sees the potential in you. With attention, in a safe environment completely attuned to me.

In the light of St. Francis, Chiara and Indah I was able to let my light grow and for this I am deeply grateful.



The retreat in Assisi was very special and a great turning point in my life. I am very grateful to Indah. It was exactly what I needed at that moment and a lot has changed in a short time. The clear guidance of Indah, the silent walks and the personal assignments have given me many insights, which have enabled me to follow my own path and to trust my own intuition and insights again.
The environment is also beautiful, the food truly Italian and Indah has a good sense of humor which was a nice change from the moments that I had a hard time with myself.


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