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Retreat Egypt

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Temple retreat

A journey to the Divine world of Egypt and your own self

from Friday, April 8 to Friday, April 15, 2022 – fully booked


In this in-depth 8-day temple retreat we will make an inner journey to our own temple of light – the wisdom of our heart – by connecting with the deep inspiring power of the holy temples.

Egypt is the land of white golden light and holy temples. We shall experience the mysticism, ancient energies and healing effect of the temples by connecting with the gods that reside there and the Divine wisdom that is omnipresent. The profound contact with this inspiring power of the sanctuaries opens the heart and makes you receptive to the answers contained within your heart. It will offer a clear view of who you really are and allows you to rise up in your own light – your true essence.

Our journey takes us from Aswan in the south of Egypt, on the east bank of the Nile, to Luxor, the beating heart of Egypt, in the middle of the desert with the river Nile as its lifeline.


The inspiring power of the sanctuaries and the magic of the Nile


Using the gentle flow of the holy Nile on an authentic Egyptian private sailing boat, the Felucca, we will visit the most important sacred temples and natural sites along the way. The vastness, silence and the magic that the trip on the Felucca offers us, is like a deep meditation and will bring peace of mind and a sense of freedom in your heart.
And all the while we will enjoy the swaying green of the palm and banana trees along the banks and the bare yellow-red rocks in the hinterland.

From this relaxed state of being and inner silence, we visit the sacred temples, connect with the Divine wisdom and let it coincide with the wisdom of our heart – your own temple of light.


During this 8-day retreat we will sail down the river Nile for 5 days and move between the sanctuaries of Isis in Philae, the unique Kom Ombo temple, the Horus temple in Edfu and the mortuary temple Hatshepsut.

We will start the day with yoga and meditation on board the Felucca. After breakfast, we set off and visit one of the temples or hike to sacred natural sites. Through a meditation or awareness exercise, we connect with the gods that animate these temples and bring this healing power to our hearts. In this way there is room for a new-found consciousness and a deeper insight into your own soul path.

In the afternoon, after lunch, there is time for rest and relaxation on board the Felucca, as we sail on to our next overnight stop. Along the way there is opportunity for sharing experiences and working on personal assignments. During our journey we will mostly be in silence, in order to remain within the core of our heart as best as possible.

At the end of the afternoon we will dock at our overnight stop and end the day around a campfire with a traditional Nubian meal and a short evening meditation.
We have the unique opportunity to spend the night on deck of the Felucca under the beautiful Egyptian starry sky.

Upon arrival in Luxor, we will stay another 2 nights on land in a hotel and visit the impressive Luxor temple, and the healing temples of Dendera and Abydos.

The temple retreat is an in-depth experience to the sanctuary of your own heart – your inner source of wisdom and light


The retreat offers:
  • a set rhythm of yoga, meditation, silence, rest and relaxation
  • 5-day sailing trip on the Nile aboard an authentic Egyptian sailing boat, the Felucca, under the guidance of our Nubian captain and his crew
  • a program focused on personal development
  • individual coaching sessions
  • visits to the most important holy temples of Egypt
  • sleeping under the starry sky on board the Felucca
The retreat provides:
  • a deeper contact with your true self

  • attunement to your own light

  • increased awareness about and insight into your life questions and themes

  • an inner transformation that leads to:
    * clarity about how you want to continue in your life
    * more self-confidence in your own inner guidance
    * more joy from and attunement to your own heart
    * renewed inspiration in life and work
    * increased relaxation of body and mind


Departure is on April 8 with EgyptAir from Amsterdam to Aswan (transfer in Cairo). In Aswan we are picked up from the airport and will stay in a hotel for 1 night. The next morning is our first temple visit and in the afternoon we will board the Felucca for the start of our sailing trip. The last 2 nights in Luxor we will stay in a hotel again. The return flight is on April 15 from Luxor to Amsterdam (transfer in Cairo).


The costs for this retreat including the full program, coaching, meditations and yoga, accommodation (in hotel and Felucca), full board while on board the Felucca and half board in the hotels, local guide, rental of the Felucca with crew, all entrance fees, tips and local transport: € 1390.

Not included are the costs of the flight from Amsterdam to Aswan and from Luxor to Amsterdam, the entry visa (€ 25) and lunch on days 6 and 7.

In order to ensure your enrolment, I request a deposit upon registration of € 390.
Please transfer the remaining € 1000 before March 15, 2022.

For further questions, registration and the registration form, please contact:

If you have not yet attended a consultation, retreat or course(day) at Lotus Lifecoaching you are invited to a consultation prior to the retreat. This enables me to properly respond to your wishes and learning opportunities during the retreat. Costs: € 85.


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