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Retreat Rieti valley, Italy

Meditation and walking

A path of joy

from Friday, May 20 to Wednesday, May 25, 2022 – fully booked


In this retreat we will follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi and walk the Cammino di Francesco – the hiking trail of St. Francis – the ancient pilgrimage paths in the green valley of Rieti and the surrounding hills and mountains, and experience that this is a way of joy to the light in your own heart.

St. Francis spent his childhood in Assisi. After strong revelations that evoked much resistance from the established order, he walked from Assisi to the valley of Rieti to start a new life there, free and confident to go his own way.

St. Francis found peace and joy in the valley of Rieti and described the area as heavenly: the green hills against the vast plain, the mountains with the eternally snow-capped peaks, the endless green landscape and the distant views. 

The people in the valley of Rieti were open-minded towards St. Francis and embraced this man who expressed his ideals with passion. They were touched by his charisma and his enormous love for people and nature. The words of St. Francis inspired them to live in the light and joy of one’s own heart, and awakened the inner desire to shape your life from your innermost being and without any restraint.


Be praised by brother sun, who is the day and enlightens us. He is beautiful and shines with great splendor.
Be praised by sister moon and the stars. In the sky they are formed, bright and precious and beautiful.
From: The Canticle of St. Francis


Walking and meditation in the Rieti valley

We will walk through the Rieti valley and over the hills and mountains surrounding it, always with a view on the valley where once was an inland sea and over which St. Francis sailed from one place to another with a small group of brothers. Now, there are sanctuaries connected by the Cammino di San Francesco.

Each day we will walk a part of the hiking trail of St. Francis and visit the tranquil and idyllic sanctuaries such as Greccio, a place of love, Fonte Colombo, a place of healing, Poggio Bustone, a place in the mountains where St. Francis sent out brothers two by two with spiritual assignments, and La Foresta, a place of wonders of nature. We will also walk to natural sanctuaries such as Faggio di San Francesco, the beech tree where St. Francis often came to meditate.

We will discover that all sanctuaries and nature sites have an age-old tradition of healing and devotion. In this atmosphere, St. Francis cared for the sick and, while walking shared his ideals. We connect with the energy of the sanctuaries and bring this healing power to our hearts. And, together with the vastness, beauty and silence that nature offers us, space is created for a new-found consciousness where you only experience deep joy in your heart, connect with your own light and express who you truly are.

Our accommodation: Il Girasole

We will stay in the hospitable Bed and Breakfast of Franca and Felice in Contigliano, a small village in the valley. They have opened their house to pilgrims who walk the Cammino di Francesco and receive their guests in the spirit of St. Francis – full of joy and with an open heart.

During our retreat, we have access to the entire house and stay in bright double rooms.


We start the day with meditation in our guest house, after which we have breakfast in the large kitchen, while Franca and Felice prepare our lunch to go.

After breakfast we set off and walk a part of the Cammino to one of the sanctuaries of St. Francis, and let ourselves be amazed by the beauty of the nature and the energy of the region.
During the walks we will mostly be in silence, enabling us to take the grandeur of nature to our inner core and to best reach the silence of our thoughts and the joy of our heart. Along the way we will do an awareness exercise and there is opportunity for sharing experiences.

In the afternoon we return to Il Girasole and have time for rest and relaxation and to work on personal assignments. You can take a seat in the garden with a view over the plain and the sacred mountain Terminillo.

After an excellent dinner we conclude the day with a short evening meditation.


The retreat in the Rieti valley is a profound spiritual experience to the joy in your own heart
The retreat offers:
  • a set rhythm of meditation, silence, rest and relaxation
  • daily walks through the heavenly landscape in the Rieti valley
  • meditation in the sanctuaries of St. Francis
  • a program focused on personal development
  • individual coaching sessions
  • accommodation in an attractive retreat location with excellent meals and Italian hosts
The retreat provides:
  • attunement to your own heart
  • more joy and lightness in your life and your heart
  • a deeper contact with your true self
  • increased awareness about and insight into your life questions and themes
  • a deeper connection with your inner knowledge
  • an inner transformation that leads to:
    * more confidence in your life path
    * renewed inspiration in life and work
    * increased relaxation of body and mind
    * more energy

We will fly to Rome together, where we travel by (taxi)bus to our retreat house in Contigliano. The transport back to Rome is also together by (taxi)bus.


The costs for this retreat including the full program, coaching, meditations, accommodation in a double room based on full board, and transfer to and from Rome airport: € 1070.

Not included are the costs of the flight to Rome v.v.

In order to ensure your enrolment, I request a deposit upon registration of € 270.
Please transfer the remaining € 800 before May 1, 2022.

For further questions, registration and the registration form, please contact:

If you have not yet attended a consultation, retreat or course(day) at Lotus Lifecoaching you are invited to a consultation prior to the retreat. This enables me to properly respond to your wishes and learning opportunities during the retreat. Costs: € 85.


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