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In the heart of meditation

Impressions Greece Retreat in words and images

Leaving obstacles behind in a short space of time, recognizing errors in thinking, feeling free to embrace life again. That is what the retreat ‘The heart of meditation’ in Greece did for me. By way of a perfect combination of Indah’s enormous expertise with mental and physical activity as well as relaxation in a soothing, healing environment.

Anna, author

A beautiful and inspiring inner journey in a beautiful and relaxing environment where I have become more attuned with myself. Indah senses exactly what you need during this process. A truly valuable gift for yourself!

Maaike, acupuncturist

A retreat with Indah in Greece has it all: rest and movement, challenge and safety, together and alone. Here I (re) find myself. And yes, even at difficult moments I enjoy the sun and the sea in this beautiful location and caring environment. Indah knows how to bring me back to myself and helps me to take steps that really suit me personally.

Ans, therapist/coach

On this retreat I received so much: insights, clarity, a deeper connection with my heart and inner knowledge. Healing places, beautiful surroundings and (the warmth and love of) Indah took me back to my true self. A wonderful journey of consciousness. Highly recommended for everyone!

W.D. yoga teacher

Every year I give myself a gift. It is: “Me time”. Time only for me, with me, out of everyday life, creating space for reflection inside and in my environment. All this is enveloped by a loving atmosphere, pure nature, and in a group of “strange people”, with whom I already have a family feeling and trust with on the first day. All this is possible only through Indah and her gift to shape, guide, create and accompany everyone and every detail to the core: my own self.
Thanks Indah until next time.


Thanks to the fully attuned, loving and equally thorough coaching of Indah I received an answer in the retreat to the question ‘who am I’. The deep transformation that I underwent changed my life to such an extent that I now live the life I have always longed for. Forever grateful.

Bo, author

This was my third retreat to Greece! Every time I experience it as a very beautiful gift for myself: I get the opportunity to work on myself, take wonderful walks through the beautiful surroundings, I am creative, relax in and by the sea, and enjoy the yoga and the delicious food. Indah always helps me one or more steps further on my way so I come home feeling completely enriched!

Maartje, consultant

In the stunning and wild beauty of Greece it was easy to abandon the structures that enclosed my soul. This allowed me to re-discover myself and get in contact with my deep needs. The kind and experienced guide of Indah was essential to accomplish this process. Still now, after almost 2 years, when I think of the Greek sea and the stony church on the mountain, I find peace.

Sara, assistant University Professor

In the silence I have rediscovered my true self and found the strength to dare to choose the path to that self.

Malena, nursing specialist

I traveled to Greece with a sense of curiosity as to what this very first retreat would bring me. How delightful that I was able to participate … The sight of the beautiful place by the sea with its lovely garden and nice rooms made me instantly very happy. I also loved the daily rhythm of yoga, meditation, breakfast, walking, lunch, private time to rest, swim and create, eat, meditate and sleep. I felt wonderfully embraced by a loving group and the safe atmosphere that Indah managed to create. I have always been able to stay close to my feelings and thus experienced every day what wanted to be seen and heard from within myself. How sorry it was to say goodbye to everyone. In short, participating in the retreat is a great gift to yourself!

Colette, (web) editor

Sheer willpower was my life and work starting position until I participated in Indah’s retreat. Then I became aware of this under her guidance. How admirable is Indah’s ability to lead directly to the essence. Following this personal breakthrough, I now live in connection with my heart and life has taken on a much smoother flow. I feel liberated and happy!

Louise, academic staff member

An inspiring and relaxing week. Indah’s respectful attitude created a safe haven in which everyone felt free to choose what he/she wanted to share. I still think back to this retreat with a good feeling and I definitely intend to participate again.

Marijke, university policy officer

The retreat gave me insights into my thinking patterns and strengthened my confidence to trust my feelings in order to live more freely.

Maartje, education manager

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