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Discover the power of meditation for relaxation and rest, creativity and manifestation in life and work.

Meditation courses for beginners and advanced


Enough said, for now.
Open the window of your heart
and turn it into a dovecote,
where inspiration comes and goes.
Rumi, where all is music

After 6 years of providing 4 meditation courses per week for employees of Radboud University and Radboudumc Nijmegen, I offer since 2020 tailor-made meditation courses on location. Individually or in a group, on a one-off basis or in a continuous series.


Meditation on location – meditation and coaching

In meditation you turn inward and connect with your inner space of rest, and your true self. Your thoughts and emotions will gradually become steady and relaxed. You will experience an inner realm where, beyond all emotions and thoughts, you become a silent witness to everything you encounter in your life. This quiet space encourages inner listening and letting go of identifications with the mind. You will experience more and more the unity within yourself and develop an inner strength. This gives confidence to shape your life path in connection with your deepest self. It creates more inspiration and joy in your life and restores the balance between your inner and outer world.

Meditation has a profound and positive effect on your mental, emotional and physical health. Your body and mind relax causing less stress and fatigue, more energy and a better day-to-day life focus. Regular practice of meditation gives balance in your life and work and will lead to better concentration and an increase of inspiration and creativity.

The courses have been especially developed:
  • for spiritual growth and self-awareness
  • to experience a deeper connection with your true self
  • to transform emotions and experience more happiness
  • to experience a deep sense of peace and relaxation
  • to develop more focus and creativity in life and work
  • to get more and renewed energy
  • to be relaxed in life and work
  • to relieve work pressure and reduce stress; and
  • for all with a (near) burn out
The courses are structured as follows:
  • We start with attention to the breath and a relaxed sitting posture.
  • You will be guided into meditation and learn how to become anchored in your inner space of rest and to connect with your true self.
    For beginners, the meditation is slowly built up.
  • We will meditate with the gentle music of the Indian tamboura in the background.
  • After meditation there is opportunity to reflect on your meditation experience. There is special focus on how to deal with thoughts and emotions during the meditation and you will receive some useful guidelines or instructions to deepen your meditation at home.

The meditation courses can be requested upon individually or in a group, privately or at work, on a one-off basis or in a continuous series.
The courses are offered tailor-made and can start at any time.

The duration of the meetings varies from 1 hour to half a day, tailored to the question or wish.

After the session you will also receive useful guidelines to create a nice meditation place at home, and to continue your meditation practice successfully.

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Meditation workshop

I also regularly give the workshop: The wisdom of the heart – a meditation day focused on self-awareness and personal growth. For more information, see the workshop page.

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