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A journey to the Divine world of Egypt and your own self

Impressions Temple Retreat in words and images

I experienced the journey to the temples in Egypt as enormously healing. A deep inner journey. The energy in the temples is strong and has given me the opportunity to turn inwards. Sailing and being on the Nile brought peace and relaxation so that I could come closer to myself. I couldn’t have done this without Indah’s guidance. She saw exactly where I stood and what I needed to move forward. She sees this individually in everyone in the group. I am deeply grateful for her wisdom and care.


Being able to sink completely into the journey deep into my heart, carried by our Felucca on the millions of years old Nile, that was the basis of the temple retreat for me. The silence and inner peace that arises when all noise disappears, and I allow myself to be carried along under the inspiring leadership of Indah and loving crew, along the great temples of ancient Egypt, cannot be described in any other word than Magical. What shifts can occur in a week is so special that it is difficult to put into words. For me personally, many pieces have been processed and I have been able to lovingly open myself to the light in myself and others.


An unforgettable journey through the imposing world of Egyptian gods/goddesses and the temples, as well as beautifully sailing over the Nile with the authentic Felucca, and an inner journey to arrive at your true self, free from the mind and the outside world. An experience to cherish in my heart! Really impressive and beautifully organized under the leadership of Indah, with our guide Hamada and the crew of the Felucca.


Slowly flowing with the Nile brought a soft void within, which filled more and more with the bright light of Egypt. The magic of the temples immediately provided deep spiritual contact, which felt like coming home. The insights and inner light that this retreat brought me still have a deep effect after returning home.


It was a special journey in which I could relax and gain new energy. I enjoyed slowing down and floating on the river, the visits to the temples and my travel companions. The friendly crew, excellent cook and competent local guide also contributed to my feeling of well-being and carefreeness. And of course, Indah who, with her expert and empathetic support, created a sense of belonging and safety for everyone. Thanks to all this, during this journey I took a step forward in the search for what is really important to me.


During the retreat on the Nile, I could leave my thoughts for what they were and let them float on the water. That gave me peace. I could stay with myself and search for the softness in myself. I no longer have to fill the emptiness that lies within me with something from outside. That was a great discovery!
It was a very special retreat at a special location with special people.


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