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Dr. Indah Courtens

Lotus Lifecoaching was founded in 2008 by Indah Courtens, anthropologist, PhD at Radboud University, and life and soul coach for self-awareness – truly get to know and express yourself.

I offer personal consultations, coaching, meditation courses, retreats and workshops to lead people towards what serves the soul, makes the heart happy and uplifts the mind.

Living and working from an inner perspective, truly understanding yourself and expressing yourself, runs like a silver thread through my work.

By way of cultural anthropology this brought me to Eastern cultures, in particular Indonesia, where I conducted research for years. In West Papua, where I stayed for a year and a half for my PhD research, I studied the ways in which people maintain and restore the balance in their lives during important transition phases. This theme was linked to the question of how people deal with illness, loss and mourning and with processes of change in their lives. I was very fortunate to be educated in age-old medicine and meanings of illness and health. Renowned spiritual leader and native healer Maria Baru became my teacher. She initiated me in ancestral teachings and gave me the highest indigenous knowledge of healing in which body and mind are in balance.

My dissertation on this research Restoring the Balance: Performing Healing in West Papua was published in 2008 under the same title by KITLV Press.

Back in the Netherlands I specialized as a spiritual coach and shifted my anthropological fieldwork to the AMEG (Academy of Music, Education and Healing). I enhanced my teachings and was spiritually trained by drs. Loucas van den Berg, during an intensive 4-year course. I specialized in ‘The spiritual aspects of healing. Healing with heart and hands.’


Where East and West meet

From the rich and multifaceted study of East and West, I founded my Lotus Lifecoaching practice. All that I strive for comes together in Lotus Lifecoaching and it allows me to build a bridge across continents in guiding people towards more self-awareness​ in order to express​, in balance with their body and mind, head and heart,​ ​who they truly are and thus get more out of life.

At the same time, from 2006 to 2015, I worked in the AMEG as coordinator, coach and trainer, both individually and in groups in various courses in the field of consciousness and meditation.

From 2012 to 2014 I was also involved in terminal care as a spiritual counselor in hospice De Linde, De Waalboog in Nijmegen.

From 2014 to 2020 I gave 4 meditation courses per week for PV Radboud University and Radboudumc Nijmegen, for beginners and advanced, in Dutch and in English. Since 2020, I offer online meditation courses in various forms, for spiritual growth and self-awareness, rest and relaxation. In addition, tailor-made meditation courses on location have been developed around the theme ‘Discover the power of meditation for relaxation and rest, creativity and manifestation in life and work.’

From the meditation courses the retreats emerged which I organize since 2015 in beautiful Epidavros, Greece: ‘In the heart of meditation, the path to your inner knowledge and your personal destination.’ In 2018 the special Sinai desert retreat was added: ‘Meditation, yoga and walking in the stillness of the Sinai.’ In 2019 a further expansion was brought to life with the meditation and walking retreat in lovely Assisi, Italy, where we follow in the footsteps of St. Francis and Chiara with: ‘The voice of the heart.’ In 2020, we continued on our way and discovered the ‘healing powers’ of heavenly Bali. Since 2021 we go ‘A path of joy’, walking the Cammino di Francesco, the ancient pilgrimage paths in the green valley of Rieti, Italy, and travel to Egypt, the land of white golden light for the Temple retreat: ‘A journey to the Divine world of Egypt and your own self’, and the retreat in the White desert where we experience ‘The brilliance of the soul.’

From 2020 onwards, I’m also offering the possibility of individual coaching in Assisi, a personal retreat in the light of St. Francis and Chiara: ‘All colors of the soul – the sanctuary of your heart.’


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The wisdom of the heart

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