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I have been attending the meditation sessions for 5 years. It is a pleasant group and Indah is quietly present with clarifications where necessary. It strengthens me to know that I can always return to my core, no matter what happens around me. She has given us enough tools to do so in a variety of ways.
It is very nice to be able to internalize a ‘decision’ to confirm an intention, even when I’m not in the group. It adds an essential element to my life for which I am truly grateful to Indah. I don’t intend to ever let go of it.

Francis, staff member Dentistry


I am Assistant Professor in Psychology and I am taking Indah’s meditation classes from 4 years. Thanks to these classes, I’ve developed the ability to focus deeply my attention on something, for example on my inner needs and on my feelings during the meditation. Interestingly, the ability to focus deeply improves also my work and my life: I work more efficiently and I am less stressed. Indah is a great teacher and, under her guidance, I had many useful and positive insights. I can honestly state that this course benefits all aspects of my life.



I have been a weekly participant in Indah’s meditation course for the past five years. Nothing in my life has led to greater personal development than meditation. By way of subtle guidance, Indah ensures that I can get deeper and deeper into meditation and get to know myself better.

Natalia, software developer


I have been taking meditation lessons with Indah for the past few years. It is always nice to meditate with a group and to ‘land’ in myself. It provides insights into myself. Indah guides the meditation in an accessible and mild manner. She gently invites you to discover your inner world. She exudes peace and confidence.

Maaike, acupuncturist and mindfulness trainer (to be)


Although I initially thought it would not really be for me, the course offered me so much more than I expected! First and foremost, it gave me peace of mind. Not only during meditation, but also in daily life. I’ve calmed down. People around me have noticed this, too.
I always look forward to the weekly hour of mediation. And not just the meeting. I’m incorporating meditation in my day to day life.

Annemiek, nursing consultant


Since I felt the urge to grow spiritually, I ended up at Indah’s. Indah uses a wonderful combination of coaching conversations and allowing your energy system to flow again. This made me feel much stronger after a few sessions. On a personal level I have moved forward by leaps and bounds.
This support was extended to the meditation class, allowing me to hold on to progress and develop even more. Indah has a loving personality parred with great inner wisdom. She also provides tailor-made guidance during the meditation lessons. I experienced that as very pleasant.

Désirée, teacher

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