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Workshop: The wisdom of the heart – a meditation day


The meditation days with Indah offer a nice way to consciously reflect on yourself. The days are well organized, each with a suitable theme. Taking part enables me to regain more awareness into my life and in turn allows me to find more peace.

Kyra, nurse


The meditation days are a very good addition to the consultations for me. Indah creates a safe atmosphere in which I can connect with myself and it is very nice to meditate for a longer period of time. These days offer a setting in which I work hard on myself in a relax way.
Indah’s coaching, energetic treatment and mediation days are very valuable to me. Under Indah’s guidance I am learning to be more myself and I’m starting to feel happy again.

Maria, illustrator & designer


I owe Indah a lot and I feel really lucky and blessed with her guidance during the consultations and meditation workshops. The energy in her work feels very special to me: healing, with integrity, precious and invaluable.



Thanks for the meditation days that take me back to my own self.
Thank you for who you are! I feel good in your presence.



With Indah I have found the space, attention, sensitivity and humor that I need at this moment in my life.

Ruxandra, piano teacher

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